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leaders to-be

Offers a variety of cohort programs that work to educate, mentor and equip high potential and emerging women leaders with the necessary business toolkits and resources through workshops and practical implementation guidelines, helping them better navigate through challenging workplace dynamics and build business and social capital. Training on negotiation skills, public speaking, time management, assertiveness and communication are some of the programs that will be conducted.  In addition, a number of female role-model discussion will take place through a panel setup and be the conclusion of the workshop.  

leadership program

Offers higher level strategic training and brings together female leaders from like-minded institutions for a series of facilitated leadership training on strategic imperatives for agile organizations, creating innovative and high-performance teams and networking sessions on driving change through disruptions.  These facilitated workshops promote peer learning around leadership challenges and knowledge exchange, build an individual’s business acumen, and strengthen negotiation skills-all within a diverse community of distinguished academicians from prestigious global institutions

Global Executive Program.jpg
executive leadership programs

Our highly selective, intensive program accelerates leadership growth for women executives as they prepare to assume an executive position.  
It includes travel and experience a global immersive program with top executives both men and women in prestigious institutions on location in the US and Europe on strategic leadership to drive transformational change at a global level to return and implement at a national level.  



Research & Consultancy iStock-470745384.

We provide companies, institutions and government agencies with research, analysis, resources and data relevant to women’s growth trends, economic participation, and gender gaps, and how they compare to industry peers in the region and globally.  
We provide valuable data, consultation, guidance and recommendations on women’s inclusion in the workforce in order to build a diverse, dynamic and high-performance organization along with proposals to help increase women’s economic participation to 30% based on Vision 2030’s objective.



nusf voices

Is an initiative to advocate support for women through a series of podcasts on the stories, challenges, opportunities of women and their journey to making an impact in their community.  Our male counterparts will be joining the conversation to talk about women they’ve supported, like their female colleagues, sisters and daughters and the kind of encouragement they offered to help her make a difference.

The Monthly Leadership Talk-lo.png
the monthly leadership talk

Is a monthly gathering featuring distinguished leaders in the community as guest speakers moderated by another distinguished guest to talk about their leadership journey and share experiences and best practices on women in the economy and offer direction and words of wisdom.

SWEF         336386-مسك10.jpg
Saudi Women Economic Forum

Our annual event highlights the status of Saudi women in the economy and considers opportunities for expanded commercial engagement through business partnerships.  It provides a platform for prominent keynote speakers to showcase best practices, build long-term partnerships within the local business community, address challenges while also identifying economic opportunities for women in different sectors.


Nusf is the Arab Institute for Women’s Empowerment a premier women’s executive leadership company founded to help Saudi and Arab women develop professionally, lead in the corporate world, and make a lasting positive impact on society.

We are committed to advancing the Kingdom’s national development agenda and Vision 2030 objective of increasing women’s participation in the workforce to 30 percent, by promoting women’s empowerment and cultivating sustainable economic development.


No country can achieve prosperity or realize its full potential if it leaves behind half its population. “Nusf” means “half” in Arabic, hence our tagline “Investing in Half the Population.”

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